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The design fits perfectly in time for summer. Now you can display your love of car sun visor at the same time

The windshield sun shades are easy to install and fits most car windows

The car sun visors could keep you cool and add some privacy

Car sun visors help to lower the interior temperature, and to protect dashboards and seats from extreme heat

When you make long time driving, the car sun shades can protect you from sunburned

The car sun visors can protect more personal space and privacy

Product name Automatic Contractive Type Sun Block / Shade
Product Model E9852
Weight 100g
Size 128*55cm
Product material Aluminium Foil
How to Install Automobile Sun Shade:
  • Open the sun shade in the car. Do not open it outside the vehicle and then try to put it in the interior. Most sun shades are fastened with a small loop that goes around a hook or simply with a Velcro fastener.
  • Slide the bottom edge of the sun shade onto the lower edge of the dash where the windshield meets the dash. Ensure that the shade is as close to the windshield as possible and butted up against the base of the dash.
  • Press the upper edge of the sun shade against the upper edge of the windshield. The shade should have a small notch in the top of it that will allow the shade to fit around the rear view mirror and relatively flush against the windshield.
  • Pull the sun visors down and press them toward the windshield so that they hold the sun shade against the glass. Some sun shades have small suction cups. If the shade has these, press the suction cups firmly against the glass.
  • Remove the sun shade by putting the sun visors back in their up position. Pull the upper edge toward you and maneuver the shade around the rear view mirror. Hold the shade gently on either end and fold it together accordion style. Attach the fastener and tuck the shade away in the car where it won't get stepped on.
Sun Block Shade Automatic Contractive Type (E9852) Sun Block Shade Automatic Contractive Type (E9852) Sun Block Shade Automatic Contractive Type (E9852) Sun Block Shade Automatic Contractive Type (E9852) Sun Block Shade Automatic Contractive Type (E9852)

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