Registration Flow

Membership to ORIENTMOON.COM is quick and easy. You wil earn free reward points just for signning up.

1.     Click "Sign In or Register" in the top-right corner of any ORIENTMOON.COM page.

2.     Click “Create an Account”

3.     Enter in your email and password

Note: Make sure your e-mail address is valid. Keep your password confidential.

MIXED-BAG Shopping Rule

Our store offers three flexible shopping options for our customers:

1. Standard Retail option: Buy any item at the Retail Price price with any item at any quantity specified. This option serves regular buyers similar in other retail sites;

2. Standard Wholesale option: Buy any item at the volume discount price with Ordering Units => MINIMUM QUANTITY specified in the Wholesale Price Chart. This rule is called "Minimum Order Unit Rule". This option serves typical wholesale buyers similar in other wholsesale sites;

3. New "Mixed-Bag" Wholesale Option: Buy any item without conforming the above "Minimum Order Unit Rule", if TOTAL ORDER AMOUNT => $100. This rule is called "Minimum Order Amount Rule". This option serves small store (online or offline) owners or bargain-hunting retail buyers, a renovative shopping option offered only at Note that item with retail price over $100 is not applicable to this rule.

Note: Any Silver or Gold class member can buy any item at Wholesale Price without conforming to the "Minimum Order Amount Rule".

Reward Points

What is ORIENTMOON Reward Points?

Reward Points is a currency which you can get discount or member class upgrade at ORIENTMOON.COM. They are our way of saying “Thank You” for purchases you make with us.

What is the worth of Reward Points

100 Rewards Points = US$1.00

How to earn Reward Points?
You can gain Rewards Points in the following ways.
a) Register in our site (full registration with name and address): 500 Points

b) Purchase items on our site: 1 Point for each US$ spent
c) Refer other customers to our site: see our Customer Referral Program for details.

d) Write product comment/review: 50 Points
e) Play and win the lottery games in the Games area: 10 or 50 Points

f) Report product error: 100 Points
How to spend the Rewards Points?
You can spend Rewards Points in the following ways.
a) Pay for your order

b) Play lottery games in the Games area

c) Cash out for real money

Member Benefits

1. Ear free reward points for signning up.

2. Vouchers are provided to express our heartfelt appreciation for your strong support. With these vouchers, you can save more money and enhance your shopping experience.

3. Earn reward points for each purchase made.

4. Earn reward points for referng our site and products to your friends and social contacts.

5. Points accumulat overtime and will ensure you an upgrade to your membership status when reaching certain level.

Membership Class

Membership is classified into 4 different classes/levels according to the cummulated reward points:

   <   1,000  Standard

   <   5,000  Bronze

   < 10,000  Silver
   < 20,000  Gold
Membership of different classes will entitle to different discounts, referral fees, gifts and other special benefits.

Need Extra Money?

If you want to make extra money, then become our sale agent and join our Customer Referral Program.