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Wireless headphones

1. Transmitters to the audio line into the electrical audio output or headphone jack, the transmitter function selector switch to a wireless headset out of position

Transmitter power indicator light changes. (Such as audio equipment, television, sound can turn off the TV)

2. To open receivers to adjust the volume and power switch button. Receiver power indicator light, first press the reset button, and then to Taiwan keys to receive.

The voice transmitter-Wired headphones

Audio line (first parts) Insert one end of the audio receiver in the socket. Insert the other end of electrical appliances, such as MPM3, DVD and so on headphone jack.

There can be wired headset to us

campus head radio

Receiver can separate the role of local land use FM radio reception, every time selection button to automatically search and identified a high-frequency radio channels. When

The most high-end, according to the reset button, to return to the low-end frequency, and then elected Taiwan key to start the search from the low-end radio channel.


No longer in use when the transmitter power and functions related to the choice of switching out of position to close the transmitter, receiver and electrical machine to adjust the volume

Sources related to the spin button switching position, receiver power indicator light to turn off. Closure of the receiver.

Long-term when not in use, please check the battery.

  • If the voice distortion or too strong, and I would be grateful if the signal source (TV or DVD, etc.) with due emphasis on small volume, at this time could be better reception).
  • Power indicator light dim.
  • Receiver to receive the difficulties.
  • Lower the volume, sound distortion.
  • After use, close the transmitter, receiver power.
  • Transmitters will be placed in high positions open in order to facilitate a better signal reception.
  • Product parameters.
  • a. band: receiver: WST-2108 (70-108MHZ).
  • Launchers: WST-209 (74.5 or 76.6MHZ).
  • (Stereo) WST-209 88.1-107.9MHZ.
  • b. stepped-frequency: 0.1MHZ (209S).
  • c. firing distance: more than 10-30 meters.
  • d. frequency stability:.
Education Headphone with FM (WST-2009)

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